Integrative Defense and Fitness System (IDFS) is a program developed by Roger Labaki – a sports therapist and a lethal street self defense instructor


How does the concept of getting in the best shape of your life sound? You certainly love the idea – don’t you? Nothing could be more exciting than to transform your physique and receive an avalanche of envious looks! 

But I have a better proposition for you: Get in shape while also learning self-defense! 

Think of it as a two-in-one solution. You’ll get the opportunity to sculpt your body while also learning how to defend yourself against assailants, abusers and others. Given the current circumstances, safety has become a serious issue. We keep hearing more and more stories of men and women being mugged, robbed and attacked – even in places that were once considered “safe”. So simply imagine the amount of confidence that you’ll acquire by turning your body into both a beautiful and a deadly machine! 

Sign up now for one-on-one sessions and enjoy the various benefits of the IDFS system. A customized training plan will be created for you – one that takes into consideration your own unique strengths and weaknesses. 
Don’t wait until you become another victim. And don’t wait a week or two before summertime to get in shape.

Drop me a line and let’s kick some ass!